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How should I proceed to get to the video chat interview?

You can contact us on WhatsApp at 0728054365, or by phone, or you can write an email to You can also fill out the form on the website!


How do I have to look to be able to video chat? I am a little fuller and I am afraid of this aspect.

The idea that success in the industry is only for those who follow the 90-60-90 pattern is completely false! The BBW (big beautiful woman) models are also very successful, appreciated for their extra pounds and Rubensian shapes.


Can I work on video chat and at the same time keep studying?

Of course! Most of our models are students, and some have graduated under our eyes. As long as there is goodwill, anything is possible! Making a video chat means, first of all, freedom! We are waiting for you!

Is it possible to video chat from home?

Depending on your personal experience and the circumstances in which you can carry out the activity, from a legal point of view, the answer is easily "yes" or "no". Contact us for additional information!


There are video chat studios that offer a fixed salary. You don't?

The fixed salary in a video chat studio is an illusion that most sell to beginners, to attract them. A studio may or may not have funds at its disposal to the extent that it has or does not have models to work with. Moreover, a fixed salary will actually keep you unmotivated, and you will limit yourself. 


Do you also collaborate with boys? What about couples?

We do not collaborate with boys or couples, the latter being forbidden by the legislation in force to practice video chat in our country. However, there are many places that encourage such activities, you can contact them for more details. Success!


What sites do you work with?

Being a constantly changing field, we always try to keep the list of sites we collaborate with open. Broadly speaking, we work with premium and freemium sites, and exclusively in Romania, with content sites that generate passive earnings. For complete information, please contact us to schedule an interview. 

What is the age limit?

The minimum is 18 years, we do not have a maximum age in this field, if you are interested and want to change your future, we are waiting for you!

I know friends interested in working in the field. If I bring them to you, what benefits do I get?

For recommending a model to us, we offer a bonus between $50 and $100. For more details, contact us! 

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