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Why work as a Le Chat Noir Studio Model?

Because we care, because we are interested, because our most valuable asset is not the money, but the people who produce it, because we know how to help you and we want that, because by giving us a chance you will discover a job where you will feel good about yourself and among us, a place where you will make new friends, and where you will not be afraid to enter and stay.

Because we don't have a maximum age limit and at the same time physical appearance is not an obstacle. With us, you can be original and independent.




We are a group of several models who have been active in this industry for many years, with extensive experience in the field. Together with serious and stable foreign investors, we decided to open a video chat studio in Bucharest. We are a group whose members trust in the strength, experience, seriousness, perseverance and determination of others.


Employment bonuses and frequent contests, monthly group outings provided by the studio, be it a relaxing day at the pool, dinner at a restaurant or anything else the girls vote for collectively


Legal employment contract, not by copyright or pfa, medical insurance

Flexible schedule

You organize your schedule, part or full time, the hours of logging in, without a fixed or rigid schedule being imposed on you.

Exclusively female collective, meaning the models as well as the trainers.

We ensure online and offline income at the same time

We are among the few studios that have collaborations with different partners, production houses and content sites from abroad, which can ensure your income even if you are not online.

Excellent working conditions

You work in a location specially arranged for video chat, with special and original decorations, and you have at your disposal the latest equipment: Full HD cameras, high-performance LCD monitors. Each model sits alone in a room, not with anyone else. We care about your privacy as much as you do, and we know that you will have the most privacy.

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